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Anderson Interactive is an award-winning, healthcare-recognized, media-requested agency force. Our firm blends public relations tactics and marketing innovations with social media expertise, while adding in a heavy dose of digital, broadcast and interactive communication strategies to advance the brands of emerging and leading healthcare and health IT organizations.

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Sure, we play nice with plenty of industries… But healthcare and health IT is where we truly shine. We know more journalists, analysts, association leaders, industry influencers and government connections than you can shake a stick at:


We changed agencies because we needed an organization committed to our needs, requirements and priorities, and we knew that’s what we would get with AI. They have been instrumental in our success with brand recognition and visibility, messaging, social media, website redesign and marketing collateral.

Lee Barrett
Commission Executive Director

Anderson Interactive has taken HCAA to the next level by delivering a 20 percent increase in conference attendees – which is huge for an association of our size. They have a deep domain knowledge in our industry, their work is clean, crisp and clear, and they continue to communicate what makes us unique.

Carol Berry, CSFS
Chief Executive Officer

Anderson Interactive possesses a unique advantage in their healthcare IT media and communications expertise. The team's depth in media relations, social media program management and communication planning enables clients to build out comprehensive, effective public relations programs.

Deirdre Ruttle
Chief Marketing Officer

The Anderson Interactive team continue to help PCG Software make a splash in the healthcare market by redesigning our website to be more effective, revising our email and exhibiting programs, and developing new marketing strategies. If you are looking for a healthcare marketing firm with solutions that work, look no further.

Andria Jacobs, RN
Chief Operations Officer

Anderson Interactive has been our media relations and social media agency for quite a while and has lived through many brand launches and our company going public. Their versatility in knowing our products and ability to shift direction, messaging and brand to be effective at any one point in time is wonderful.

Bevey Miner
EVP, Healthcare Strategy and Policy

For years, the AI team has provided consistent, measurable success for MobileSmith Health across PR, marketing and sales enablement. AI embodies a highly collaborative team approach which allows us to deploy agile and responsive marketing. We rely on them to understand the evolving needs of our healthcare customers.

Bruce Kennedy
Chief Marketing and Client Officer