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Anderson Interactive offers the healthcare marketing services that you need to help you and your business succeed. The role of marketers has become much more difficult when trying to connect with health systems, medical practices and payer marketplaces that are financially threatened, or who have had to make the difficult decision to furlough valuable resources.

We can show you inventive ways to effectively promote your business and navigate which marketing, public relations and social tactics will succeed in this evolving environment. We work hand-in-hand with industry influencers, understand the media landscape, and thrive in virtual event navigation. Plus, as a trusted partner, we can fill in wherever your expertise or resources may be in short supply.

Public Relations

Public relations is the foundation of any great communications program.

Many have thrown up their hands and claim that the sponsored “paid” content approach is the only valid option these days. But while many agencies are paying for it, we’ve dug in our heels, rolled up our sleeves and delivered record-breaking levels of “free” editorial placements month-after-month, year-after-year. Sure it’s not as easy, but what else are we going to do with all this deep domain knowledge and the hundreds of editorial relationships we’ve cultivated over the years?

Content Development

Content development isn’t for everyone.

Fortunately for our clients, content development – including editorial, marketing and persuasive writing – is right up our alley. We started writing about health IT back when healthcare still used fax machines… oh wait… But regardless, through our deep-rooted understanding of the market and audience pain points, our writers provide useful information that stands out in a cluttered media environment, delivered in an authentic, simple, clear and human way. And this is especially crucial for a subject that can be as challenging as healthcare technology.


Marketing communications programs should blow your hair back.

The talent, resources and infrastructure required to nail outstanding creative that attracts and retains target prospects can be a bear to pull off. Our team of design talent and programmers maximizes every marketing dollar through memorable campaigns to grow brand awareness and generate quality leads. Whether it’s a direct mail or e-marketing campaign, ad design, infographic, presentation or collateral development, we have the experience and creativity to grab attention and promote your brand.

Business Consulting

Business consulting to control the bottom line.

We employ a business-first approach to everything we do with the goal of ensuring our communications programs deliver true return on every dime spent. We draw on our decades of strategic consulting experience to develop communications that reach your unique goals. Whether you’re launching a revolutionary software platform, eyeing double-digit growth, or positioning your company for acquisition, our team can provide the strategic guidance you need to ensure the initiative is a hit with media, customers, prospects, investors and other key audiences.

Web Analytics

Website analytics paint a clearer picture.

What’s the point of having a beautiful website if no one’s stopping by to visit? You can build it but they won’t come if it’s not being managed properly. From detailed website audits through ongoing direction of SEO, Google Ads, analytics tools and the latest site management platforms, Anderson Interactive programmers look under the hood and make the adjustments necessary to ensure your site meets the highest standards of searchability, usability and security. And through the constant additions of quality coverage, news, blog, event, social and video content, we’ll keep your name at the top of the charts.

Download our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services datasheet to learn about pricing for our three SEO packages.

Social Media

Social media is a powerful channel for your voice and content.

From healthcare’s smallest start-ups to its largest brands, Anderson Interactive uses social media to elevate executive and corporate messaging so it breaks through the noise – driving engagement with those who matter. We’ll help identify and engage with market influencers, manage your reputation with prospects, develop knockout content and distribute it across all relevant channels.

Event Coordination

Event coordination to match a face to your name.

In today’s world, Event Coordination means a dramatic shift from face-to-face conferences to virtual venues. Until we can return to the days of networking receptions and business card exchanges, Anderson Interactive is helping clients squeeze every drop of value out of sponsoring, speaking at and attending virtual conferences and webinars. We know which associations and event producers have stepped up during this time of need, and which ones still have a lot to learn. Your event budget is limited – choose wisely.

Voice Marketing

Voice marketing gives you the chance to be heard.

Voice marketing is more than the future of content creation – it’s also the present. But creating the right voice, persona and content – without the help of pretty pictures – can be a challenge. Anderson Interactive guides companies in developing a voice marketing strategy that makes sense for their audience and corporate brand personality – whether that be through radio shows, podcasts, flash briefings, sonic logos or voice search optimization (VSO). Alexa, tell me more about Anderson Interactive.

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